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College Before College Application

The Spring 2023 Application Season is now CLOSED. All NHPS sophomores and juniors potentially interested in an after-school college class at Gateway, Southern, UNH, or Yale in FALL of 2023, including returners, should return here in MARCH for links to the Fall 2023 Initial Application for NHPS, which will be the beginning of their process.

Students attending HSC should apply in March w/Ms. Carter.

Students attending Metro, Sound, or Cross should apply in March w/Ms. Reinshagen.

Students attending Coop, ESUMS, or Career should apply in March w/Ms. De Paolo.

Students attending NHA or Hillhouse should apply in March w/ Ms. Argo.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all programs described on this website are subject to modification, including cancellation, by the New Haven Public Schools and/or its college and community partners.

Important Drop & Withdraw Deadlines!

Current Gateway students — WITHDRAWAL deadline is 11/18 (w/a form through ISSPC & GWCC)

Current Southern students — WITHDRAWAL deadline is 11/20 (online through the registration system)

Current Yale students — DROP deadline is 10/28 (w/a form through ISSPC & Yale)

Current Yale students — WITHDRAWAL deadline is 12/9 (w/a form through ISSPC & Yale)

You MUST contact your ISSP Coordinator to discuss dropping or withdrawing from your course BEFORE doing so, so PLEASE get in touch right away if you are considering quitting your college class. Walking away without following the required procedures will result in your receiving the grade you earn, even if it’s an F!

Summer Program at UConn

Are you a junior who will be a first generation college student? If so, UConn has a free summer program for you! Click through for more information and to apply!

Spring 2022 CBC Withdrawal Deadlines

Students currently enrolled in college courses need to take note of the deadlines below. If you are considering withdrawing from your college course, your first step is to immediately contact your ISSP Coordinator, to discuss options and verify your college’s process. Please keep in mind that students are responsible for meeting all college deadlines.

GWCC   Withdrawal deadline is Thursday, April 14th.

SCSU     Withdrawal deadline is Tuesday, 12th.

UPDATE — Spring 2022 College Before College students will need to PROVE COVID-19 vaccinations are complete before registering for any on-campus college class. Please message your ISSP Coordinator ASAP if you have any questions!

Yale -The View From Here Program

The View From Here is open to New Haven-area high school students currently enrolled in the eleventh or twelfth grade, those who graduated (or obtained a GED) in 2020, and are in a gap year or first-year undergraduates at area colleges. The program will consist of weekly online classes as well as occasional group workshops and will cover the history, materials, and practice of photography. Students will learn the essential principles of taking and composing their own photographs using a smartphone or personal digital devices. The program will culminate in an online exhibition highlighting the students’ work created during the program.

The View From Here runs from February 16 through June 29, 2021. Applicants are expected to commit to the full term of the program. Weekly meetings will take place online on Tuesdays from 4 to 6 pm and alternate Saturday mornings from 10 to 11 am. Additional time for independent work and informal mentorship meetings will be offered each week. Please note: a strong and committed presence at all meetings is required.

Conceived as a collaboration between the Center and LML, the course will draw primarily from our respective collections and activities. The photographic collections of the Center range from the earliest masterpieces of analogue photography through recent and contemporary digital photography, including individual works of art as well as photographic albums, cartes de visite, extra illustrated books, and other ephemera. The LML houses the world’s largest reference collection of photographic paper—essentially serving as a “genome” of black-and-white photography—and provides science and data analysis for understanding the medium’s material history. Our respective collections and staff will provide the core pillars of the program; alongside, we will draw upon the expertise of the Photography department at the Yale School of Art, curators at the Yale Art Gallery, and other staff and collections at the university.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Smartphone and digital photography
  • Analog photography such as cyanotypes, pinhole cameras, and more!
  • The history of photography through Yale collections
  • Photo exhibitions and curatorial practice
  • Photography conservation
  • Team collaboration on a group exhibition
  • Mentorship and career counseling


Students will receive a stipend of $500.00 (US dollars) at the completion of the program. Supplies and materials will also be provided for all analog photography workshops.


Students currently enrolled in a Greater New Haven-area public school in the eleventh or twelfth grade, or who finished high school in 2020, are eligible. First-year undergraduates that are currently enrolled in a public college or university in the Greater New Haven area are also invited to apply.

There is no prerequisite for the program—no camera or prior photography experience is required. We are looking for creative, dynamic, team-spirited participants interested in building a space and learning together about photography, making pictures, sharing ideas, and creating community.

Application Due January 22, 2021

Yale CTW

Citizens Thinkers Writers offers rising seniors from New Haven public schools a tuition-free opportunity to explore fundamental moral and political questions in a college setting. Students live together in Yale housing for two weeks during the summer and continue to meet as CTW Fellows throughout their senior year of high school. In small discussion seminars led by professors, they gain experience in close reading, analytic writing, and college-level discussion, along with support as they apply to college. They are encouraged to see themselves as active participants in the long-running philosophical conversation that dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, and to link this conversation to issues of justice that arise for them today as citizens of New Haven. The program gives preference to students who would be the first in their immediate families to graduate from a four-year college.”  tary workshops, help students with the analytic and writing skills essential for success at college and live in the residences with them. The graduate coordinator will oversee the program and offer additional advising, organize local field trips in the New Haven area and arrange explorations of additional resources on the Yale campus.

The residential program aims to foster a small community of intellectually ambitious students that will outlast the two weeks of the seminar. After completing the summer program, students become CTW Fellows and continue to meet with the faculty, residential teaching assistants, and coordinator throughout the academic year.  Students also receive support in the process of applying to college.

Citizens Thinkers Writers is offered by Yale’s Humanities Program as part of Yale’s Pathways to the Arts & Humanities initiative.

Spring 2021 College Class Applications now CLOSED!

Sophomores and juniors interested in a Fall 2021 college class should read about program requirements on the College Class Qualification page and contact their ISSP Coordinator in March 2021 to apply.

Spring 2021 College Class Applications now OPEN!

Interested in taking an online college class starting this January? You must be a junior or senior with at least a B average. More information and applications for our programs at Gateway, Southern, and Yale are now available, so click through to the College Class Qualification page. Each program also has an FAQs page above.

All new and returning students must apply by November 13, 2020.

CBC Withdrawal Deadlines

Any College Before College student considering withdrawing from their college class should be in active discussion with their ISSP Coordinator; however, completing the college’s withdrawal process is the student’s responsibility, per CBC Contract.

Fall 2020 DEADLINES for completing the process with the college:

Gateway — Withdraw by emailing a form — 4 PM on November 6, 2020

SCSU — Withdraw via online account — 11:59 PM on November 17, 2020

Yale — Drop by emailing a form — 4 PM on October 23, 2020

Yale — Withdraw by emailing a form — 4 PM on December 4, 2020

Great Opportunity!

Dominate the Day Foundation is partnering with Higher Heights and Higher Learning Virtual Academy to offer NHPS students financial assistance with Academic Tutoring, SAT Prep, College Access Program, and Coding Classes.  Please share with anyone who might benefit!
Some details of note: 

  • All tutors are certified teachers 
  • Tutoring available for K-12 students
  • All learning is virtual right now
  • Coding classes start immediately (Saturdays in October)
  • The SAT Prep applications are due this Friday, 10/9.

Click DTD to apply for a scholarship via Dominate the Day Foundation. Feel free to visit Higher Learning by clicking this link