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Yale CTW

Citizens Thinkers Writers offers rising seniors from New Haven public schools a tuition-free opportunity to explore fundamental moral and political questions in a college setting. Students live together in Yale housing for two weeks during the summer and continue to meet as CTW Fellows throughout their senior year of high school. In small discussion seminars led by professors, they gain experience in close reading, analytic writing, and college-level discussion, along with support as they apply to college. They are encouraged to see themselves as active participants in the long-running philosophical conversation that dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, and to link this conversation to issues of justice that arise for them today as citizens of New Haven. The program gives preference to students who would be the first in their immediate families to graduate from a four-year college.”  tary workshops, help students with the analytic and writing skills essential for success at college and live in the residences with them. The graduate coordinator will oversee the program and offer additional advising, organize local field trips in the New Haven area and arrange explorations of additional resources on the Yale campus.

The residential program aims to foster a small community of intellectually ambitious students that will outlast the two weeks of the seminar. After completing the summer program, students become CTW Fellows and continue to meet with the faculty, residential teaching assistants, and coordinator throughout the academic year.  Students also receive support in the process of applying to college.

Citizens Thinkers Writers is offered by Yale’s Humanities Program as part of Yale’s Pathways to the Arts & Humanities initiative.

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