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Independent Study and Seminar Program

Est. 1967

Distinguishing talent. Developing leaders.

It is the mission of the Independent Study and Seminar Program to help students distinguish themselves in and out of the classroom by nurturing exceptional talent, engaging curiosity, and fostering self-confidence and originality. ISSP creates unique opportunities through independent study, college courses, and other opportunities that equip students to succeed in academics and the community.

 What is ISSP?

ISSP supports high performing, college-bound students by providing opportunities including college courses, referring students to leadership and career workshops, and promoting academic and artistic programs.  ISSP Coordinators work with students to find the opportunities that best fit their interests, strengths, and schedules, serving as their mentors along the way.

In ISSP’s College Before College Program, Coordinators guide students as they select and register for college classes.  In addition, Coordinators support students throughout their time in the college classes with conferences and evaluations.

ISSP serves students who consistently excel in their studies, as well as offering opportunities for students to go beyond the minimum requirements of their high school day.

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