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CBC Contract — Key Information

All students participating in the College Before College program must agree to all Responsibilities and Policies outlined below, by signing the CBC Contract. Parent or Guardian agreement to the same is also required.

CBC Student Requirements — Failure to fulfill the following requirements by the indicated deadlines may result in cancellation of credit, an “F” on the NHPS transcript, &/or dismissal from CBC program.

*CBC students MUST . . .

  • Confirm course eligibility and commitment by returning a signed CBC/DE Contract the previous semester.
  • Confirm course selection in person by turning in a copy of Course Schedule immediately following the registration.
  • Meet with their ISSP Coordinator no later than September 15th (Feb. 15th) to review course obligations, INCLUDING DROP & WITHDRAWAL DEADLINES per college calendar.
  • CHECK IN WEEKLY, either in person or by email, advising ISSP Coordinator of progress in course.
  • Meet with their ISSP Coordinator to discuss CBC program options for the following semester, complete re-application paperwork and/or attend Orientations & Registrations according to program deadlines and college/university policies.
  • Meet with their ISSP Coordinator to complete an end of semester course evaluation and provide an Official Transcript of grades (paper, not digital) by having it sent directly from the college to their ISSP Coordinator. One transcript per year per student, following posting of spring grades, is sufficient, if you are enrolled in a spring course. If you are not taking a second semester course, you should order the Official Transcript as soon as fall grades post.

    **CBC Course Drop Policies**

  • Official college/university add/drop and withdrawal policies apply to CBC students. Students must verify and adhere to all relevant deadlines. See third bullet on the student obligations list above. Students who drop or withdraw from a college class MUST immediately submit WRITTEN PROOF of drop or withdrawal to their ISSP Coordinator, so that their NHPS course schedules can be adjusted. CBC students encountering difficulty should immediately contact their ISSP Coordinator for advice and assistance. Do NOT delay!

    ***College Before College Course Policies***

  • All college course grades earned will be recorded on the student’s official high school transcript as electives and will be calculated into the student’s high school GPA (and rank, if used). Only students pre-approved through an ISSP Coordinator will receive College before College credit.
  • College Before College courses are considered elective credits. If students need to use a college course(s) to satisfy high school graduation requirements, pre-approval and sign-off(s) are required on a separate form.
  • Some colleges may not award transfer credits for credits used to graduate high school. Developmental courses (e.g. English 066, Math 095) may not transfer to the college you attend after high school. They may be used for placement purposes and are awarded high school credit by NHPS.
  • Students wanting to continue in the CBC Program in upcoming semesters must satisfy both university and ISSP returning student and program requirements.


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