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College Class Qualification


College Class Qualification for Fall 2021 opened on March 1, 2021. 

Sophomores and juniors should please read below to determine which program(s) they may qualify for and contact their ISSP Coordinator in March of 2021 to begin the application process for Fall 2021 college programs.

Q: How do I qualify to take a college class?

For the fall of 2021, we are not yet sure if in-person or only virtual classes will be available to high school students, so demonstration of successful online learning, including consistent online attendance, will also be required to participate in any College Before College program. ALL contact with ISSP Coordinators will be virtual (email or phone) until further notice.

A: Second-semester sophomores and juniors, and first semester juniors and seniors in New Haven Public high schools must meet individually with an ISSP Coordinator, who will verify their qualifications and discuss program possibilities the spring or fall PRIOR to registering for a class. Application season for fall classes generally takes place in the March and April prior. Application season for spring classes generally takes place in the October and November prior. Please verify deadlines in your specific high school, in order to meet with your ISSP Coordinator and submit all applications on time.

In addition to demonstrating responsible academic and interpersonal behaviors, minimum academic qualifications include an overall B (3.0), B+ (3.5) or A (4.0) average, and PSAT’s/SAT’s in the 400’s, 500’s or 600’s for Gateway, Southern and Yale, respectively. All students must be approved by an ISSP Coordinator as part of the application process for all of the College Before College programs. Some schools have other college credit programs as well, so consult your specific building’s ISSP Coordinator for information and referral to available programs. 

ALL regular New Haven Public High Schools have College Before College programs at Gateway Community College, Southern Connecticut State University, and Yale through the ISSP Department.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (to APPLY; acceptance NOT guaranteed)

GWCC’s “High School Partnership” — 3.0 (“B”) OVERALL Unweighted Grade Point Average and 400’s on English &/or Math P/SAT

SCSU’s on-campus “Early College”  — 3.5 (“B+”) OVERALL Unweighted Grade Point Average and 500’s on English &/or Math P/SAT

“Yale NH & Area Public HS Program” — 4.0 (“A”) OVERALL Unweighted Grade Point Average and 600’s on English &/or Math P/SAT

*Any student with a D or F or I or NG on their most recent report card cannot register to take a college course the next semester. For example, if a student applies to take a spring class but ends up with a D or F or I or NG on their Marking Period 1 report card, they are ineligible to register for a college class, regardless of cumulative GPA. Likewise, any student who applies in the spring for the following fall but ends the school year with a D or F or I or NG (for either final Marking Period or for Year-end grade) will not be permitted to register for a fall college class.

*Withdrawal of approved applications may take place in the summer, AFTER high school is closed, if final high school or college grades are insufficient. 

*Fall college course registrations take place in late August BEFORE high school opens, and students must be available to attend High School Program Orientation or Registration events during the late summer.

**Withdrawal of approved applications may take place in December or January, AFTER mid-year high school grades close and fall college grades are posted, if grades or attendance or participation are insufficient. 

**For the fall of 2021, it is possible that ONLY virtual classes will be available to high school students, so demonstration of successful online learning will also be required. Excessive absences from virtual classes or lack of participation in online high school (or college) learning will also be cause for cancellation of previously approved applications.


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