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Course Placement and Search at Southern Connecticut State University

Placements at Southern are determined by your ISSP Coordinator, in conjunction with Southern staff, so be sure to discuss your high school and college course experiences and grades with your Coordinator. Be prepared to share your P/SAT or ACT or AP Exam results. All World Language classes above Level 1 require an online placement test, so be sure to tell your Coordinator if you’re interested in taking a World Languages course.

For Fall 2021, NHPS students may be allowed to ONLY take online college courses. In-person courses are pending approval at this time (March 2021).

At Southern, “Online Asynchronous” means ENTIRELY ONLINE, with NO scheduled class meetings or required online sessions. You must be VERY self-motivated and organized to successfully take this type of class, as you will work on your own and must meet all of the professor’s deadlines for assignments and exams without reminders. This course type is the same as “ONLN” courses at Gateway.

At Southern, “Online Synchronous”  means that the students meet online together with the professor at the listed times and days, just like your remote high school classes have been doing. If you choose a “Synchronous” course, you must attend every online class session listed, so only consider ones scheduled after your high school classes end for the day. This course type is the same as “LRON” at Gateway.  

Create a ranked list of classes you are interested in taking at Southern, by following the steps below. You may use the SAMPLE Ranked List linked here, but be sure to COPY and RENAME it when you are saving and sharing it, e.g. Shameeka Smith’s SCSU Course Choices. Once you have discussed & finalized it with your Coordinator (via email), save your list of approved classes in preparation for registration in January. Once you have been accepted by Southern, you will receive a Banner ID number and netID for logging in to their system and registering. Returning students should check to be sure they can log in to their Southern accounts now, but all high students must wait for January to register. 

How to Search Online for a Course at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU): 

  • If you see “Fall 2021” in the Select a Term dropdown, you are in the right place. If you see “Summer 2021”, use the dropdown arrow to switch to “Fall 2021”. Click “Submit”. You will see a search engine. 
  • Complete the fields in the Search Engine by following these steps: 
      1. Select up to ten departments of interest by clicking on one to highlight it, scroll, and then hold down Control (CTRL) while you highlight another. If you do not highlight any, you will see ALL the courses available when you submit. 
      2. Select “Open” in the Open/Close/Both buttons. 
      3. In “Session” click on “Online Asynchronous” and then hold down CTRL on your keyboard and click on “Online Synchronous”. Both should be highlighted. These are the ONLY types of classes you can take in Spring 2021.
      4. Select 3:00 PM (or appropriate) in Start Time dropdowns for “Synchronous” classes. 
      5. Ignore Days, unless you have limited availability, then click the boxes as needed (the check mark comes before the day). SCSU does not offer appropriate courses on Saturdays, so you must search and choose from weekday or asynchronous courses. 
      6. Click on “Class Search”. 
      7. Locate classes that interest you, keeping in mind that 100- and 200-level courses are most appropriate for high school students. Course numbers in the 500’s and 600’s indicate graduate school classes, so high schoolers are never permitted to register for them. 
      8. Click through on the blue 5-digit Course Registration Number (CRN) and then on “View Catalog Entry”, and read the entry, to be sure you know what the class is about and whether it has any prerequisites (classes you must take before it or required placement levels). 

Add the information for courses you are interested in to a Google Sheet, starting on the left with the blue 5-digit “CRN” number. Continue to fill in info as shown on the Sample Ranked List here. To improve your chances of getting a course, you should list all the courses/sections you are willing to take, in the order of your preference. Submit the list to your Coordinator for comments and approvals by sharing it with her with Edit privileges. 

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