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Independent Study

Independent Study offers the chance for students to pursue personal academic or creative interests across a wide range of subjects. Students who want to learn more about a particular field or nurture an existing talent may collaborate with high school faculty to create an original course or project once they have completed all of the core courses or basic electives in a subject. IS Courses may span a semester or a full year and may earn a half or full credit. Mentor teachers must be certified in an appropriate high school subject area and employed by the New Haven Public Schools.

Some examples of recent project areas include:

  • Novel Writing
  • Forensic Science
  • Art: Focus on Nature
  • Urban Design
  • Website Management
  • Roman Poetry
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Astrochemistry

Students must meet with an ISSP Coordinator and complete a contract prior to beginning an independent study class in order to earn credit.

Independent Study Course Contract is available from your ISSP Coordinator.

 IS Course Approval Requirement/s:

  • Students must be approved by ISSP Coordinator, after referral to the program.
  • Students must have a “B” average in all prior subject-related courses to enroll in an IS course.
  • Students must submit IS Course Contract and Syllabus before fall/spring deadlines.
  • IS course numbers will be assigned only for courses approved by the ISSP Coordinator and school/district administration.
  • Credit will be granted only for IS courses completed through the ISSP Department as above.

IS Drop Policy: 

  • No IS Course drops are allowed beyond five (5) weeks into the semester for a half-year course.
  • No IS Course drops are allowed beyond ten (10) weeks into the semester for a year-long course.
  • If an IS Course is not dropped by the deadline, the Mentor Teacher will determine the student’s final grade based on compliance with the student’s approved IS Contract Syllabus. Any changes in IS Contract Syllabus must be approved by the ISSP Coordinator.

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