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Outstanding High School Senior Program @ UNH

***Per UNH, this program did not run in Spring 2021, due to the pandemic. Stay tuned for application information in Fall 2021 for Spring 2022!***

Outstanding High School Senior Program at the University of New Haven (OHSSP)

Seniors who have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and at least 1100 SAT’s are eligible to apply for UNH’s Outstanding High School Senior Program — OHSSP.

However, students chosen by UNH for this program almost always have GPA’s and SAT scores well above these application minimums, such as 4.0 unweighted GPA’s and 1200+ SAT’s. They have usually completed some college-level course work, such as AP and/or college classes.

Students are required to apply through ISSP and interview at UNH for this highly selective program, which allows them to leave high school and take four UNH classes tuition-free during the spring semester of their senior year. Students continue to live at home while attending UNH full-time and are required to check in regularly with their ISSP Coordinator throughout the program.

All high school graduation requirements must be met!

  • Applications are available in October from ISSP Coordinators.
  • UNH will choose approximately 12 New Haven Public students each year.
  • Students and families are responsible for books and all transportation to and from UNH.
  • OHSSP students are NOT permitted to take any other college’s courses while enrolled in the program.
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