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Early College (on campus) @ Southern Connecticut State University

Q: After I am accepted to the Early College program @ Southern, what happens next?

A: Your ISSP Coordinator will submit your application. You will then need to complete an online “Visiting Student” form. You will also complete and sign a fillable PDF “Type A” Waiver, so that Southern does not bill you for your course. Your Coordinator will help you with these mandatory forms. Be sure to keep in touch with her and meet all deadlines.

Q: I scored _____ on my SAT or ACT. Do I need to provide my scores to Southern?

A: SAT or ACT scores are used to place students in English and Math department courses at Southern. World Language courses also have placement requirements. Please consult your ISSP Coordinator if you are interested in taking courses from these departments.

Q: What type of classes am I able to take at Southern?

A: This depends on your prior course experiences, as well as your P/SAT/ACT scores. There are classes available at Southern that may address a high school student’s interests; however, it can be difficult to find an empty seat in an appropriate course that also fits your after school schedule, especially if you have many obligations or involvements after school, such as clubs, sports, or work. Consult your ISSP Coordinator regarding options, once you have searched for courses that interest you. Her approval of your course choices is REQUIRED.

Q: Am I allowed to take an online course? How about a hybrid course?

A: *For Fall 2021, NHPS students may be allowed to ONLY take online college courses. In-person courses are pending approval at this time (March 2021). Please refer to the “Course Search at SCSU” page to find appropriate courses. 

Q: How do I search for a course? How many courses should I have on my possible course list?

A: As classes often fill quickly, we advise you to choose at least 5 courses that fit your schedule and address your interests. Please refer to the “Course Search at SCSU” page on this website for instructions.

Q: What should my possible course list look like?

A: See example below. If multiple sections of the same course, such as PCH 201 Wellness M at 5:00 AND W at 5:00, would work for you, then you should include them as separate classes. Also, you should rank your courses by interest, as shown in the 1st column, so that the first one is your top choice, the second one is your next best, etc. Your ISSP Coordinator will discuss and approve your choices with you, BEFORE the registration. Her written/emailed course approval is REQUIRED.

Rank CRN & Sec Dept # Name of Course Day(s) Time
1 10070  01 ANT 252 Intro to Forensic Science W 5:00-7:30 PM
2 10111  32 ENG 110 Fund of Academic Writing TR 4:45-6:00 PM
3 11167  08 PCH 201 Wellness M 5:00-7:30 PM
4 11167  09 PCH 201 Wellness T 5:00-7:30 PM
5 11182 02 PCH 280 Women’s Health T 5:00-7:30 PM

Q: I see the days are listed as M, T, W, R, and F. What is “R”?

A: R is for Thursday. If you have a class that is listed as TR, such as #2 above, the class meets on both Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Q: Is there a “set” list of courses from which I can choose?

A: No, there is not. However, we can provide you with historical data regarding where students have successfully enrolled and completed a course. The list of course offerings for each semester is generally available on Southern’s website well in advance, so you may certainly search ahead of time to see what looks interesting and would work with your after school schedule!

Below is a list of recent courses where high school students have recently enrolled and successfully completed the course. It is ESSENTIAL that you choose a course based on your interests and areas of academic achievement, so you will be motivated to complete the course with a good grade. Remember that 100- and 200- level courses are generally most appropriate for high school students. 500- and 600- level courses are for students who are in graduate school, so they are not an option for high schoolers. You must collaborate with your ISSP Coordinator, who has experience guiding students in their SCSU course selection.

SCSU ANT 252 Intro to Forensic Science
SCSU ART 201 Visual Art & Studio Experience
SCSU CSC 101 Intro to Comps & Apps
SCSU ECO 101 Principles of Micro-Economics
SCSU GEO 100 People, Places, & Environments
SCSU HIS 210 U.S. Black History
SCSU JRN 101 The Media: Freedom and Power
SCSU MKT 200 Principles of Marketing
SCSU PCH 201 Wellness
SCSU PCH 270 Stress Management
SCSU PCH 350 Women’s Health Conc.: 18-40
SCSU PCH 450 Death, Dying & Bereavement
SCSU PSY 100 Intro to Psychology
SCSU PSY 215 Adolescent Development
SCSU THR 100 Understanding Theater

Q: HELP! I can’t find any appropriate class at Southern that works with my schedule and has a open seat! What can I do? 

A: Unfortunately, Southern schedules the majority of their beginner-level classes during the day, when you are in high school. Each semester, only about 50 students from ALL of New Haven Public are able to enroll in an on-campus Southern class. We advise you to think outside of the box in terms of what might interest you and consult your ISSP Coordinator regarding course and program options. 

Q: What does “open seat” mean? How can I tell if a course has one? 

A: Because high school students are not paying for these classes, they are restricted to enrolling in the leftover seats that are open after all the paying students have enrolled. An “open seat” is simply a space in a course that is available when we go to the high school registration event in August or January. On Southern’s course search, if you select “Open”, you will only see courses with open seats. On your search results page, the column titled “Cap” shows the Capacity, or maximum, number of students allowed in that class section. The next column to the right, “Act”, shows the currently active seats. If you SUBTRACT the Act from the Cap, you will know how many seats are open AT THE MOMENT OF YOUR SEARCH. Once you have a list of open seats approved by your Coordinator, you should continue checking the Course Search right up to the day of the high school registration event to be sure there is still an open seat in the section you want. 

Q: Once I have my approved Course List, what do I do next? 

A: You need to wait for the High School Registration event. This is in August or January, the week prior to the start of classes. *For the 2021-2022 school year, this may be a virtual event. All students will register online. Bring your Course List with you. The ISSP Coordinators will be there, along with college staff, to assist you with enrolling and answer any questions you have at that point. Please do NOT attempt to register prior to the high school registration event, as that will cause the college to BILL YOU for the class!

Q: Once I have enrolled in a class, can I get a college ID? 

A: Yes, as an enrolled student, you are entitled to a college ID and need to have it with you whenever you are on campus. *For the 2021-2022 school year, high school students’ presence on campus is pending approval, so we do not yet know if you will need a Southern ID (March 2021). For Southern, you must prove your identity and Date of Birth to get your college ID made, so bring those to the registration event. For Southern, your ID needs to show your Date of Birth, or you need to bring a second document that proves your Date of Birth, in addition to the photo ID (for example, high school photo ID plus birth certificate). ID’s which serve for both identification and DOB include state ID’s like Driver’s Permit or License or passport (US or International).

Q: Are books paid for? My friend mentioned a grant that covered her books.

A: *For the 2021-2022 school year, we DO have a Book Grant to cover these costs. Please watch your email closely for information about how to purchase your books with the grant funds. We advise budgeting for books and/or online course codes for classes. Unfortunately, we CANNOT guarantee there will be grant money available to cover textbooks. We recommend setting aside $200. for this purpose.

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