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Yale FAQs

Q: Do I have to attend the Yale Orientation? I have a conflict during that date/time.

A: Yes. The Yale Orientation is mandatory for new students who have never taken a Yale course previously. If you do not attend, you will not be able to shop or enroll the next semester. *For the 2020-2021 school year, the Yale Orientation will be a virtual meeting.

Q: Do I pick a Yale course that I would like to take and then register?

A: No. Individual students must ‘shop’ Yale classes and obtain written professor permission to register in a course. Your ISSP Coordinator will provide you with an email template regarding how to contact professors. You must also obtain written/email permission from your ISSP Coordinator to shop and enroll in a specific course. *For the 2020-2021 school year, high school students will ONLY be permitted in online college courses, so all course selection, “shopping”, and enrollment will be conducted via email.

Q: Is it guaranteed that I will be able to enroll in a Yale course? 

A: No. Due to Yale class times and high school schedules, it is not guaranteed. ECA students in particular often have difficulty enrolling.

Q: If I successfully enroll in a Yale course, what grade must I earn to continue in the Yale program?

A: You must earn a B- or above in order to continue in the program, per Yale regulations.

Q: I really want to take a specific Yale course, but the timing does not fit with my high school schedule. What can I do?

A: Choose another class! You cannot miss any high school time for a Yale class; no, not even ten minutes. 

Q: Is there a “set” list of courses from which I can choose to shop?

A: No, there is not. However, we can provide you with historical data regarding where students have successfully enrolled and completed a course. The list of course offerings for fall generally posts to Yale’s website over the summer. When you attend Orientation at Yale, you will learn more, including which classes are not included in the high school program.

Below is a list of recent courses where high school students have enrolled and successfully completed the course. Many of these courses have also had multiple students DROP or WITHDRAW or earn less than a B-. It is ESSENTIAL that you choose a course based on your interests and areas of academic achievement, not those of your friends. You must collaborate with your ISSP Coordinator, who has experience guiding students in their Yale course selection, as you consider classes.

Yale  CPSC 183 Law, Technology & Culture

Yale  MATH 107 Math in Real World

Yale  ER&M 200 Intro to Ethnicity, Race & Migration

Yale  EVST 209 Making Climate Knowledge

Yale  PLSC 114 Intro Political Philosophy

Yale  AMST 238 Third World Studies

Yale  EDST 290 Leadership, Change, and Improvement in Education

Yale  PLSC 223 Learning Democracy: The Theory and Practice of Civic Education

Yale  LING 217 Language & Mind

Yale  SPAN 227 Creative Writing

Yale  ENGL 196 Intro to Media

Yale  LITR 360 Radical Cinemas of Latin America

Yale  AFAM 231 Sex & Gender in the Black Diaspora

Yale  FILM 243  Family in Greek Literature and Film

Yale  PLSC 378 Contesting Injustice

Yale  PSYC 150 Social Psychology

Yale  FILM 453 Intro to Doc Studies

Yale  SOCY 141 Sociology of Crime and Deviance

Yale  ASTR 130  Origins and the Search for Life in the Universe                                                                                           

Yale GLBL 223 Global Health: Challenges and Responses                                                                         

Yale MUSI 110 Intro to the Elements of Music                                                                                         

Yale EVST 100 Energy Technology and Society                                                                                 

Yale MUSI 178 Music and Morality                                                                                                           

Yale PLSC 385 Contentious Politics and Political Mobilization in Post-Soviet Russia                           

Yale ASTR 130 Origins & the Search for Life in the Universe                                                           

Yale HLTH 140 Health of the Public                                                                                            

Yale WGSS 165 Gender, Race, and the Everyday Politics of the Global Political Economy

Yale PLSC 148 Theories, Practices, and Politics of Human Rights

Yale MATH 108 Estimation and Error

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